Take a four week trial - Includes uniform and unlimited classes! Welcome to our school! Learn about our Taekwondo program Check out our Hapkido program JDKMA is rated as having the best instructors in entire Washington, DC area!

Mind. Body. Spirit.
Improve your life.

JDKMA has developed programs for kids and adults designed for personal growth. Gain all the advantages of a group workout dynamic coupled with specific individual successes. Our school is not a belt factory. It is a place where you can take the journey to black belt, filled with life lessons, and maybe even learn something about yourself in the process.

We are a Korean-based martial arts school and teach Taekwondo to kids and adults. Our instructors are dedicated and strive to connect with every student to ensure they are inspired and encouraged to succeed. We have the largest martial arts facility in North Arlington. We have national and international affiliations which will allow our students to keep their rank if they ever have to move. We are also proud of our work with area Pediatric Therapy Centers, helping kids with Sensory Integration and Learning Disorders. Our training center is a clean, safe and fun place to learn and grow!

Our curriculum is based in traditional fundamentals, but unlike other schools, does not make the material too basic. You will learn all the kicks, blocks and punches that you expect, but with the benefit of additional practical self defense study integrated into the curriculum.

We also have the best Hapkido program in the area. This adult program’s origins have a direct connection to the birthplace of Hapkido in Korea. You will learn practical and effective self defense techniques that will give you the confidence to handle any situation.

There are many martial arts schools out there, but if the generic approach to learning just isn’t good enough for you or your child, check out Jung Do Kwan Martial Arts. You’ll be glad you did!