Hap Ki Do, often called The Way of Coordinated Power, is primarily the study of using minimal force to deflect, turn, and channel the antagonistic force of an attacker to his or her disadvantage. Hap Ki Do training affects a student’s physical fitness, self confidence and self control. It techniques use soft, circular motions and avoids confronting power with power, making Hap Ki Do known as the gentle martial art. The principles and techniques of Hap Ki Do are practiced in order to develop a reflex action; to be able to perform without thinking. Practice teaches the student inner peace through control.
The art of Hap Ki Do developed with these principles as the foundation of practice. Force is met with minimal force. Blending, circling and flowing change the momentum of the attack. A foundation of gentle strength gives the student a path to physical fitness, self confidence and self control. Concurrent development of concentration and physical and mental balance enable the student to attain calmness through control, and the ability to coordinate power through technique.

Read an article from Dr. Scott Muzinski, Master Instructor, Hapkido: